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How to order?

1) Choose the size, font and color of your neon sign
2) Write Your Name that will be left and right for example "Sophia"

We'll design and email you the design within a day to confirm your order before producing.
*Please note colours may slightly vary depends on monitor.
Let us know if you need a specific size.

Eight Shopping Guarantees from NEONIP for Your Peace of Mind

Customized Neon Signs

Each neon light sign we offer is uniquely crafted by our team, ready to be customized according to your preferences in size, font, and colors. We specialize in creating bespoke neon signs to suit your exact specifications, offering a diverse range of font styles and a vast palette of colors to choose from.

Adapter Included

Your new LED neon sign comes complete with a convenient cord designed for easy connection to a certified adapter, ensuring seamless setup and hassle-free operation right out of the box.

Worldwide Shipping

Enjoy complimentary worldwide shipping, delivered within 8-10 business days, or opt for our express shipping service for urgent orders, arriving within 4-6 business days, ensuring timely delivery for your convenience.

Easy to Install

Our LED Neon signs are affixed to premium clear acrylic backboards, stands, or boxes of exceptional quality. Backboards are equipped with pre-drilled holes for effortless wall mounting, ensuring hassle-free setup straight out of the box.

12 Months Warranty

Experience the cutting-edge LED neon flex technology, boasting superior strength and lightweight properties compared to traditional glass neon. Rest assured with our 12-month manufacturer warranty, ensuring coverage for any faulty items. Click here for further details on our exceptional product offerings.

Remote Control Available

Transform your space with ease using our Neon Sign Remote Control Available. Adjust brightness, toggle ON/OFF, and explore dynamic modes effortlessly from afar. Elevate your ambiance with personalized lighting at your fingertips.

Low Energy, High Brightness

Our LED neon signs offer both economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. With minimal energy consumption and a lifespan exceeding 100,000+ hours, they provide long-lasting illumination while reducing ecological impact.

Strong And Powerful

Our LED neon signs are available in a vibrant array of attention-grabbing colors. With energy-efficient technology, they emit a strong, long-lasting light that will illuminate your space for years to come.

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Make Your World Shine with Custom Neon Signs

Lighten your world with the mesmerizing glow of custom-led neon signs. They're perfect if you want to add personality to your living room or workspace. Or, if you want to create a striking ambiance in your store. You have a vast range of customization options. They let you make your space shine in a way that reflects your unique style and message.

You can make your room bathed in the soft and colorful glow of a personalized neon sign. They set the mood and create an inviting atmosphere. These amazing signs are stunning and also serve as conversation starters. These custom neon signs cheap enough and a memorable addition to any space.

You can showcase your favorite quote or mantra. Also, you can highlight your business logo or brand name. The options are limitless when you design your custom neon sign. You can make a statement with personalized neon lights. Brighten your world today with custom LED signs and let your space shine like never before.

Design Your Own Custom LED Neon Sign

With our easy-to-use online tool, creating your own custom LED sign is a breeze. Follow these five quick steps to design your unique piece of neon art:

  • Enter the desired text for your neon sign, whether it's a catchy phrase, a name, or a special message.
  • Explore a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to customize your neon sign exactly how you want it. Experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect look.
  • Visualize your neon sign on various backgrounds to see how it will appear in different settings. This feature allows you to ensure that your design matches your aesthetic preferences.
  • Once you're satisfied with your custom options, simply add your design to the cart. Your handmade, personalized neon sign will be on its way to you in just a few weeks.
  • If you have a specific design idea that can't be achieved with the online tool, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a custom quote. Our team is here to bring your vision to life.

Designing your own custom LED neon sign has never been easier. Start creating your unique piece of neon art today.

Add Light to Your Life with Personalized Neon Signs

Brighten up your life with the enchanting radiance of personalized LED neon signs. These captivating light fixtures offer a unique way to make your surroundings charming. If you're sprucing up your business, neon signs are sure to impress. You can create neon sign with LED lights.

You can customize your own custom LED sign. This gives you the freedom to express yourself in an illuminated way. You can make a sign that is all about you. You have endless options, from personalized messages to intricate designs through neon sign generator.

Personalized LED neon signs add a touch of magic to your space. And they also serve as a constant reminder of what brings joy and inspiration into your life. You can make your own neon sign and let the light in and add a radiant glow to your life today.

Let Your Space Talk with Custom Neon Signs

Give your space a voice with the captivating allure of custom neon signs. These bright works of art are more than decorations. They say a lot about your personality, style, and brand. They're perfect for adding a playful touch to your home. Also, they make a bold statement at your event. Custom signs are the way to let your space do the talking.

You can use neon signs to show your favorite quote or slogan. Also, you can display your business logo or motto. With the open sign for business, you can boost your business. They offer a special chance to make your space your own.

So, why let your walls stay silent when they can speak volumes with the brilliance of custom-made neon signs? Speak with custom neon signs and watch as it comes to life with personality and charm.

Shine Bright with Custom Lights-Up Signs

Setting the right mood is important in the world. Custom light-up signs stand out as symbols of personal style and creativity. These special signs give light. They're like shining reflections of who we are.

The custom neon signs light up cozy cafes and busy city streets. They add a touch of personality wherever they're placed. We make each one with care, telling its own story—a story about what's important to us. 

They can be a bold neon sign with a catchy phrase. Or a detailed LED design with a company's logo. These signs are more than decorations. They're attention-grabbing statements that leave a strong impression.

Neon signs are essential for both businesses and individuals. They attract people's attention. They draw them in with their attractive glow, creating memorable experiences. Businesses need these signs. They are crucial for building the business's brand and connecting with customers. They show what a brand is all about, leaving a lasting memory. 

People treasure these custom-led signs in personal spaces. They reflect your interests and passions. They can be a favorite quote, a special symbol, or a beloved saying. These signs remind you of what's important and bring joy to those who see them.

Create Your Own Neon Sign to Brighten Your Space

Turn your space into a bright oasis of light and creativity. Do this by designing your neon sign. You can customize every aspect, including color and font. You can pick the message or graphic. Making a neon sign custom is an exciting chance. It lets you inject your personality and style into your surroundings.

You might want to add whimsy to your home. Or, showcase your brand in your storefront. A custom neon sign offers many possibilities to brighten up your space in a unique way.

By making your neon sign, you can bring your vision to life. You can also make a lasting impression on anyone who enters your space. Why settle for generic decor? You can make a unique masterpiece.

It will brighten your space and spark joy. Unleash your creativity. Design your own neon light signs custom today. It will light your world with style and flair.

What Can We Do?

Free Design

We are delighted to offer all our customers a complimentary design service. Our team will provide you with one or more designs for your approval, at no additional cost. Whether you have a specific idea or logo in mind, we can transform it into a stunning neon masterpiece!

Also, we can provide you with any size you need, whether for indoor or outdoor use, and help you find the most suitable size for your project.


We provide a selection of 13 stunning neon light colors for you to choose from.

In addition, we also offer RGB changing colors, allowing you to mix and match colors freely to create your desired look.

If you have any specific color requirements, please do not hesitate to inform us. Our team will work closely with you to find a solution that meets your needs.


We offer five types of acrylic backboards: clear, black, white, mirror, and gold mirror.

We can also perform UV printing on these backboards and provide various cutting methods to meet your specific needs.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Outdoor Use

Our neon signs for outdoor use are designed with thicker LED tubes to enhance visibility in outdoor environments.

Additionally, we incorporate IP67 waterproof technology to ensure durability in all weather conditions. If you have any specific requirements for your outdoor neon sign, please don't hesitate to inform us and we'll be happy to assist you.